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A Media Literacy role game

Teach in class how the internet really works through a fun role game. Understand how IP addresses work, how the internet knows you or how cryptography works.
The lesson
Play it in class!

You can access this free galactIQ episode any time and start playing in your class right away! You just need to print out the three templates you will find in the lesson... that's all!

Take a look at the galactIQ episode beforehand to understand what you are going to do during the game. You don't need any prior experience with coding at all (as with all our curriculum). GalactIQ is a plug and play educational system.

Are you ready? Click on the button above and start learning!

The rules

🦊 No previous knowledge needed! Your teacher is super well-prepared already.

⚡️ Pen and paper! That’s it! Ask each group of students to use pen and paper to write their conversations.

⏱ About 30 minutes is all the time you will need for your class to complete this game.

📺 The best is to share your screen on the smartboard in your class, but you can also work with a computer screen.

The Printables

We will use three paper templates in the class:

Template #1: The 'Paper Computers'
Template #2: The Server Tags
Template #3: The Secret Code cheatsheets

You can print them from here:


Kids get confronted with the internet every day. But do they know what the internet is? Or how to use it?

We have created a fun and interactive game that not only explains what the internet is but also shows its potential dangers and how to avoid them.

To access this galactIQ lesson simply click on the button above and follow the step-by-step instructions with your students. It's really easy and fun to use!

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