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galactIQ School Sponsorship Program

Our mission is to teach Coding & Robotics to as many kids as possible. Join now our program if you are a primary school and we will find you a sponsor for the 21/22 school year.
The program


1- Click on the 'List my school' button above and enter your school's details in the form, remember to check the field of "I WANT TO FIND A SPONSOR"
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2- Enjoy the 8-lesson course this spring for your whole primary school, it's completely free of charge and you can teach this course to your students at any point before the 14th of July, 2021.
3- When we find your sponsor, your whole school (you can create as many classrooms as you need to) will enjoy our educational method and full curriculum next school year.
4- Before the deadline of the program (14/07/2021) you will be contacted by our team to inform you about the sponsor we found for your school. If we didn't find one, you will have time to cancel your subscription so that we don't charge any costs to you or your school next year.


Your school will gain access to our full curriculum during the whole year (15/06/2021 - 15/07/2022) for all three age groups: 5 to 6 year-olds, 7 to 9 and 10 to 13, and all our different coding lessons (we call them planets): Robotics, Game Development, Web Development, Media Literacy and Creativity. In case you don't have Lego WeDo 2.0. robotics sets at your school we will also try to find a company or individual that finances these (35 sets per school), but if we don't find a sponsor for these, we'll simply hide the Robotics Planet from your curriculum. Our team will also assist you to get you started and we will help you at any point in time.

Your teachers will get certified by our school for every teaching hour, every acquired skill and so much more. galactIQ is not only a great tool to teach the fundamentals of programming to kids, it's also a great tool for teachers and a fantastic flag for your school.

Become a sponsor!


1- Click on the 'Become a sponsor' button above and enter your details, you can directly sponsor a primary school you know or you can write 'ANY SCHOOL!' in the first field of the form. Remember to mark the 'I WANT TO BECOME A SPONSOR' checkbox before you submit.
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2- You don't have to pay anything if we don't find a match. You will only pay in the moment a school accepts your financial support.


First and most importantly, a sponsor will feel like a superhero! We have been teaching our method for 4 years already and we know how happy our students are after each class, how much they learn and how ahead of all other students they become once they understand technology as we teach it. Imagine now that hundreds of kids in the school you will sponsor become suddenly capable of reading and writing in several programming languages, understand what a variable, a loop or a programming event are... comprehend the mechanics of steering, power Vs. speed and so many other engineering tricks.

But at galactIQ we want to be very greatful for your action and we will make sure your name appears in a prominent place in our own communication strategy (website, newsletters, kickstarter campaign and more) and at the school you sponsor. We will also provide marketing material for you to share in your social media, like an inspirational video that will use your logo and ours as part of our collaboration.


If you want to teach Coding & Robotics at your primary school this school year but your budget does not allow it, don't worry. Sign up today and enjoy galactIQ for a month. In the meantime we will find a sponsor that supports your galactIQ license for the school year 2021/2022. 

The galactIQ School Sponsorship Program (GSSP) finds elementary schools interested in teaching Coding & Robotics and generous companies or individuals willing to support those schools and pay the full license. 


Well... we are a small startup that has created this LMS (learning management software) with our own resources, we need funding to become better, add a richer steam-based curriculum, create new features to help teachers and students, integrate our platform with new and disrupting educational platforms, add artificial intelligence to our system so that we adapt our curriculum to an individual level and soooo much more. You will support the future of hundreds of students with just 1.999€ per year but you will also give support to a young startup that is the only one of its kind and has developed an educational method that will in fact change the world.


Do you have any doubts or questions? Please contact our team via info@galactiq.app

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